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As mandated by the government, charitable organizations must engage in a variety of fund raising activities to supplement that of the donations they receive from various other sources.  In response thereto, we have found that the most profitable way to underwrite our efforts and our work is through RAFFLES.  However, we handle RAFFLES very differently than others.  Rather than selling tens of thousands of tickets, we only sell a limited number of RAFFLE tickets for each item hosted.  Too, RAFFLES will always end within 120 days of their posting, or on the date that we have sold the required number of tickets for that item.  Too, many times items will also be helping to underwrite the work of other organizations that we are associated and/or are affiliated with.  The information regarding these organizations will be included in the description as well.  So, please feel free to browse.  Finally, complete rules for the RAFFLES can be found on our website at