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In a world where reparations are being made available to the victims of astrocities having been committed against them, it appears that the victims of child molestation and rape are being overlooked.

My name is Antonio and for the last thirty-five (35) years I have worked as a volunteer who has advocated for catastrophically and terminally ill children's rights to lifesaving medical treatment care that health insurance companies would have otherwise denied.  However, it wasn't until my mother died that I had an epiphany that enabled me to understand why I had chosen this path in life -- a moment that would forever change my life.

The morning after I learned of my mom’s death, while out driving but with absolutely no idea where I was going,  forty-five (45) minutes later I found myself parked in front of the home where I had been sexually molested when I was twelve (12) years old.  The dream that had plagued me these past thirty (30) plus years was no longer a dream – it was a reality that somehow my conscious mind had conveniently managed to suppress.  It was the exact same place where for three (3) years Robert Lamb and David T. Thompson (Ways and Means Realty Service of Marin County) had sold my body to men of all walks of life, including a priest with St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.  Yes, for three (3) years Father James L. O'Shaunassy paid Robert and David from $100.00 to $300.00 to have sex with me and other children too.  But despite my having “retired” from the business because my mother fled the County, Father O’Shaunassy’s proclivity for boys continued on until his death in August of 1992 – of AIDS.  With the aid of the Catholic Church, at first the death certificate withheld the cause of death.  But justice prevailed and it was finally amended on June 8, 1993 to show “AIDS.”

So, from the age of twelve (12) and up until I was fifteen (15) my childhood was spent having sex with men who were twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years older than myself.  Who were these other men?  One drove the "school bus" for Golden Gate Transit that I took to school each day;  another was a well known player for the San Francisco 49ers.  This list goes on.

So how could this happen?  At the time it happened to me my parents were involved in a bitter divorce and as anyone can tell you from experience, people like Robert Lamb (“Uncle Dudley”) and David T. Thompson use such information as means to lure in unsuspecting children -- especially when the financial rewards to a teenager could be a means of liberation from a war-torn home life.  Yet it is best explained further by the father of another victim, who was physician.

In a statement to the Court, the father wrote that Robert Lamb had relied on the guise, “I am your Uncle Dudley and will help you enter adulthood and the world of sex because this is something you can’t talk about with your parents, but you can with me, but you must keep these talks and what happens secret from your parents ....”

The abuser's rational was formulated on a premises well known to the medical and legal community:  “... literature on sexual abuse notes that it is rarely necessary to engage a child in sexual activity by using force because children are quite trusting and dependent,” wrote the father.  He then went on to write, “They want to please others and gain love or approval.  It therefore is not difficult to practice sexual abuse on them when they are young enough and where there is an atmosphere of trust, often couched in the reality that the abuser has the trust of the mother and father, and that the abuser is a central figure among the friends of the child’s family.”  Finally, the father resolved, “It is noted specifically in the literature that perpetrators of child sexual abuse know this and take advantage of these vulnerabilities in children.  It is also emphasized in the literature that most children do not talk or tell about being sexually abused.”

Nevertheless, Robert Lamb was finally caught and convicted in 1998, and although he was ordered to pay restitution, it was not even remotely enough to adequately compensate the victims for the psychological and physical harm they had sustained.  And what about restitution to the other victims?  I was first molested around 1972.  That means over the next twenty-six (26) years other children were being drawn into similar fates.  So what “restitution” are they entitled to?

The fact is that although you may not know it, someone you know was sexually molested as a child by an “Uncle Dudley.”  However, like most victims, the horror of what happened to them is often wiped clean from their memory in an effort for the mind to safeguard itself and ensure its survival.  However, the scars from those injuries are never wiped clean, and consequently victims act out in a vareity of ways that often times are self-destructive, but never understanding why.

Thus, we have to help these people even though the law won't/can't.  Yes, the law often does little to nothing to help victims of child molestation because of the cost(s) involved, and .... because upholding of many, many laws is now entirely "discretionary."  Ask a District Attorney if you don’t believe it.  Only if the case will underwrite the career of a prosecutor and make him/her famous, will the case ever make its way into a Court room.  But if it isn't a "high profile" case, it will probably be just set aside and forgotten.

Too, the "pre qualifications" for the pursuit of such cases (when the mind finally gives up its secrets) are often more horrific than the injuries the perpetrators committed upon their victims.  The Catholic Church has been instrumental in helping to create most of the "hurdles" in order to ensure that it safeguards its own financial assets, despite many priests using those same assets to pay for sex with children.

So what do we do now?

STOP IT!  With your financial help, lawyers can be employed to help overturn laws and make way for more encompassing laws that will better protect the victims.  Too, laws that will make it mandatory that each and every case be investigated and thereafter, prosecuted.  Finally, that the any statute of limitations surrounding such cases be abolished – forever, just like with murder.  Child Molesters murder their victims – mentally.  So why should there be a statute of limitations?

Likewise, with your help funds can be made available to other victims so that they can afford attorneys who can sue perpetrators like Robert Lamb and David Thompson so that their assets can seized to not only pay all of the psychological and medical expenses the victims must incur, but to also reimburse law enforcement and government agencies whose resources have been drained because of budget cuts backs -- such as in California.

Most importantly, making it mandatory that the conviction of any child molester anywhere in the United States of America be broadcast Nationally on each and every media.  This way victims who have since managed to move on, may finally find peace and resolution once they know their assailants have been brought to justice.  In my case, there are still children – now adults – who don’t know that “Uncle Dudley” was finally caught – and they deserve to know.

So, do it for yourself.  Do it for your child.  Do it for your friends.  Give.

Too, also remember this fact --   within a mile of where you live, a convicted child molester is probably living there too.  Check it out for yourself.


Despite how carefully we try to plan out everything in our lives, we are going to overlook something. Unfortunately, whether or not a child molester is living next door should not be one of those things we overlooked. When buying a home or renting an apartment, everyone (especially parents) should investigate thoroughly who is living nearby. Within two months of my having moved to the Keys Condominiums in Walnut Creek, California by an odd series of events I learned a convicted child molester was living in the unit directly beneath me. Later, I would discover that none of the parents of children living in same building had any idea. Fortunately, having violated parole, the individual was removed and never was able to return.


Remember:  All doncations are 100% tax deductible.


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