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Through the generosity of the author, the publisher, and a great many other individuals who have worked together to cultivate the works that are being featured on this site, we have been able to provide you with the fruits of their labor for only $2.00.  That $2.00 is destined to do great things.  First, a portion of each dollar will be used to help C.H.A.R.M.E.D., Incorporated (a non-profit corporation) underwrite life saving medical research and medical procedures for catastrophically and terminally ill children battling cancer and AIDS.  Too, a portion of those same resources will also be used to help further underwrite breast cancer research.  Finally, what remains will be used to help underwrite the purchase of much needed respite housing for families who have traveled great distances to medical centers throughout the United States – and in some cases the world – to be at the side of a loved one undergoing treatment at a speciality treatment center.  Therefore, as a result of this generosity bestowed upon us and our organization, we are relying upon your honesty and integrity when we ask that you do not share the purchase of any book obtained on this site with anyone else.  Remember – it only cost you $2.00.

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